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Ocean’s Butter Poached Lobster Melts in Your Mouth


By Jan Walsh
Photography by Beau Gustafson

Ocean recently completed a lovely remodel of the restaurant, but one thing that has not changed is its wide net of fresh seafood cooked to perfection.

Tonight, we take our favorite seats at their new marble bar and order the Butter Poached Lobster. And we pair it with a beautiful, complex white Burgundy, Recolte 2012 Grand Vin De Bourgogne Saint-Aubin 1st Cru, Les Combes, Pierre Andre. This dish has it all. The lobster—tail, claws, and all—is served atop slices of potato, fava beans, avocado, and citrus oil. It is the best lobster I have ever tasted. Each bite is tender and succulent with a sweet buttery flavor. It’s highly recommended! •

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