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Taco Mama’s Margaritas


By Jan Walsh
Photography by Beau Gustafson

No one is hungry or thirsty for long at Taco Mama despite its motto, “Stay hungry, and be thirsty.” The menu offers build-your-own tacos, burritos, burrito bowl, nachos and quesadillas, taco and burrito baskets, and an array of specialty, handcrafted margaritas.

The margarita board at Taco Mama lists specialty margaritas and their ingredients. Today’s board boasts 10 choices: Mercedes, Jose Jalapeno, Mi Casa, Houdini Frozen, Pomegranate, Watermelon (seasonal), Skinny, Sangria, La Playa, and Sangrita. And lucky me, I get to select three among them for this review: Mercedes, Jose Jalapeno, and Pomegranate. The Mercedes brings a touch of class to the plastic glass with its golden mixture of Patron, orange juice, Triple Sec, Grand Marnier, and margarita lime. The Pomegranate is a sweet and fruity, made of Blanco Tequila, lime, fresh pomegranate juice, Triple Sec, and club soda. My favorite of the three brings on the heat; each spicy sip of Jose Jalapeno heats the palate. It is made of Blanco Tequila, fresh jalapenos, club soda, and lime juice. Those brave enough can stab a jalapeno slice floating in the glass, with the straw and eat the heat.

Will Haver is the founder and owner of Taco Mama. It is locally owned and operated with three area locations in Homewood, Mountain Brook’s Crestline Village, and The Summit, along with two other locations in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville. Taco Mama’s parent company, Wilco Hospitality also operates Otey’s Tavern in Mountain Brook.

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