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Cocktails at the Atomic Lounge


By Jan Walsh // Photography by Beau Gustafson

Atomic Lounge and Bar is the most unique bar I have ever pulled a stool to. Atomic is owned by renowned bar master Feizal Valli and his wife, Rachael Roberts.

Above the bar there is an enormous tribute to The Beatles’ 1967 album cover for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. But this cover has locals as the band and club members, with Frank Stitt center stage. I also see B-Metro magazine’s publisher, Joe O’Donnell among the “lonely.” And the fun does not stop there. There are cubby holes overstuffed with costumes that you can dress up in should the mood strike you—after a drink or two—to become a hotdog, Super Man, Elvis, a monkey or another animal.

The entire ambience is a whimsical blast from the past. No big screen televisions here. Plastic portable televisions, with antennas, dot the main space. Here patrons’ trophies, brought from their attics, adorn the top of the fireplace mantle. Behind the fireplace is a space with photographs of locals. Among the booths is a bubble booth, where the bartender can release bubbles into the air above should the happy urge strike. Beyond it is the hall space, which has wallpaper reminiscent of The Beverly Hills Hotel’s Martinique wallpaper that is used in its Fountain Coffee Room. But unique to this room is the sound of thunder and rain. And the back room is the party room with life-size cocktail umbrellas above.

The specialty cocktails are named for characters—local characters, who frequent the bar or whom owner Valli has poured for in the past. The Chase Lewis is named for one of Valli’s early regulars from “back in the day,” and is described as “tart, healthy, and unpredictable.” It may be named for a man, but I find it suits this female famously. It is peach in color and served in a highball on the rocks with a rosemary garnish. It is a mix of Redmont Gin, pomegranate liqueur, lime, ginger, honey, and thyme. It is silky, smooth, and thirst quenching.

The Legendary Sex Panther is named for a cologne from the movie Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy, in which it was made by Odeon, illegal in nine countries, along with bits of real panther and used by Brian Fantana to seduce Veronica Conrningstone. Seduce it does as it is “built on bones.” This slow sipper is served in its own special lowball glass with ice sphere, to melt the ice slowly. This sensuous blend of bourbon, Blackstrap Rum, Cynar, Demerara, bitters, and flame has its own (temporary) panther tattoo. Yes, this drink has its own tattoo! And no, you do not have to wear one to drink it.

And the Brad Green is named for a local attorney, whom Valli remembers from the bar during his Hot and Hot Fish Club days. Served and shaken martini style, this orange cocktail has a painted egg white top. Made of honeysuckle lemon, peche de vigne, pomegranate  juice, peach bitters, and egg white, bartender Dustin Battle shakes it dry and then wet. It is foamy, frothy, and fabulous. •

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Cultivator’s Calendar May 26th. What surfaced in my Qigong play this morning was not the simplicity of the movement but the grand complexity of union with the Tao the simple movement in Qigong brings forth. We are all so enamored with flashy movement and feats of flexibility, agility and strength that we miss entirely the mystical presence we are everywhere connected to. We are all so thirsty for this connection yet we keep drinking from poisoned wells thinking it is better than nothing. Today make a change, take a drink from the big well always filled with water, slow down reorder those pesky habits to allow for stillness. #taichichuan
Cultivator’s Calendar May 25th. It is wiggly out there folks. One of the things we humans do is to close ourselves off when there is pain. Shields go up. This many times makes us feel even more isolated and angry. Reach out today feel your connection to your community and those around you. If you are a cultivator reach outward and feel your connection one way to do this from a Tai Chi perspective is Play Chan Su Chins and let the web of life move you. With Qigong you can play 9 shine activities which is fundamentally about protective Qi. Which funny enough you imagine shining out brightly in all directions. Another activity is Fong Son Gung the true breath. Inhale see energy coming into every pore of your body exhale imagine you are a big shining lightbulb. #taichichuan
Cultivator’s Calendar May 24th. Keeping a relaxed and playful state of mind, where you consider everything a happy accident wherever life leads you today seems like a good way to proceed looking at all of the daily Energetics. Let’s see how it goes huh? #taichichuan
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