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Avocado Toast with Roasted Tomato


by Beau Gustafson

2 tomatoes thinly sliced

½ purple onion sliced into rounds

1 large jalapeño sliced

1 head of garlic cut bottom off to expose garlic

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

4 slices freshly baked bread from bakery

5 small ripe avocados

½ lemon juiced

Few sprigs of cilantro

Preheat oven to 425F. Arrange tomato slices, onion round slices, and jalapeño slices on a baking sheet and coat lightly with olive oil. Pour a little olive oil in the cut end of the garlic head and place down on the baking sheet. Salt the vegetables lightly, put them in the oven and cook for 18-20 min. While the vegetables are cooking, take the seeds out of the avocados. Scoop out the avocado and mash together in a bowl; add lemon juice and salt to taste. Then put 4 slices of bread either in the toaster or on a baking sheet in the oven; cook 5 min each side. With an oven mitt, squeeze out the cooked garlic from the head, then arrange the tomato, onion, jalapeño, and garlic on the avocado toast and garnish with cilantro and pepper to taste.

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